Fanfold Labels

Sharp Labels can produced a wide range of plain fanfold computer labels to suit your needs, from plain to multiple colours. These can be produced on a material of your choice usually with a kraft liner. The kraft liner is similar to that of the sheeted products only with fanfolded jobs it is thicker, adding strength to the products tractor feed system.

Sprocket punched holes (tractor feed) come as standard with all of our stock computer labels, they are optional with bespoke makings. As Sharp labels was first established as a producer of computer labels we have had over 20 years to build up our stock of tooling which allows us to offer a wide range of fanfolded pack repeats as standard.

Producing self-adhesive fanfolded labels in conjunction with non-adhesive fanfolded tickets Sharp Labels can offer a maximum pack width of 16 inches including sprocket holes. We can perforate after each label/ticket on the horizontal and lineal perf down the vertical gaps or just perforate at the fanfold depending on what you require. Stub perforations are also available at different depths on tickets if required.

Sharp Labels can produce these on the adhesive of your choice, whether it be permanent, removable, freezer adhesive or special materials e.g. for chemical drum labelling. We have the production capabilities to fulfil any labelling requirements you may have.