Food Labels printing in Suffolk

When you’re selling food products it’s important to work with a label supplier who has the experience and expertise in house to create a bespoke solution for you. That’s where Sharp Labels can help.

Displaying nutritional information, allergen warnings, or point of sale price promotions the choices of label available to you are enormous.
Whether its food labelling for restaurants, pre-packaged food for a supermarket, or an independent producer looking to develop your brand, we can guide you through the many options available to you.

The design of the label can make a big difference to its retail success as can the quality and type of material the food label is printed on. Again, this is an area our in-house studio can help on.

For larger run quantities our flexographic presses offer the best solution, while for smaller quantities our digital labels may be the more cost effective option. If you require extra space for copy Sharp Labels can produce reverse printed labels which have printing on the adhesive side. For wine labels we can foil to add a quality look and feel.


Some useful sources of information on labelling of food

Product labelling: the Law

Food and Drink – what the law says on labelling

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Guidance notes for businesses on food labelling regulations that concern food safety.