Label Types

With such an enormous range of label types available choosing the right material is of vital importance. Depending upon how the labels are going to be used will influence the type of material we will manufacture them with. Just let us know how and where your labels are to be used and then leave the rest to us. We will recommend the most appropriate label with you in mind.

Label Materials

We have an extensive range of materials available, enabling the production of labels that are tailored to your exact requirements. From Cryogenic labels, which perform at temperatures of -230 degrees, to tamper evident security labels – we have the experience to offer the ideal solution.


Chosen for their durability, synthetic labels produced on PP, PE, or PET ‘plastic’ labels can provide the answer to outdoor labelling. This material can also be used for high performance labelling as it conforms to British Standard Specifications.


With a range of coated and uncoated papers, we offer a price effective solution for Prime Labelling, as well as Thermal and Laser printing. We will produce labels on FSC certified and recycled materials where specified.


We can convert coated and uncoated board, up to a thickness of 350gsm. This material is popular for garment ‘swing tickets’, event ticketing and product identification.

We can offer advice and costing on a wide range of label/printer/ribbon combinations resulting in a bespoke VIP service best suited to your individual labelling needs.


Many different adhesives, including high tack permanent, removable, deep freeze and further more specialised products, are all available to suit your individual requirements. We produce labels to adhere to products as diverse as the cryogenic storage of pharmaceutical specimens, tamper evident labels, and very high tack labels for challenging environments.