Roll Labels

At Sharp Labels we have both wide web and narrow web flexographic printing presses. This enables us to offer the most competitive prices for both short run and long run roll labels work.

Print Capability

With multiple flexographic printing presses which range from 1 colour to multiple colours, we can ensure competitive pricing for any combination of printed roll label you may require. For example, if you only require a 1 colour printed roll label it won’t be priced on a 6 colour press. This means that we can pick the most cost effective way to produce your labels for you.

We utilise digital plate technology to ensure the cleanest dot reproduction and our 4 colour process is available with additional colours/varnishes if required. Our presses are also fitted with turner bars allowing printing on the reverse of the liner if needed.


We offer full width cores for all roll labels with available internal core diameters of 25, 38, 40, 44 and 76mm. This range covers most small VIP printers for the thermal market and high speed automatic label applicators for the packaging market. In addition we offer individual core and outer reel labels if required. These include individual job information which gives you and us complete traceability for every roll that we produce.

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