Security & tamper labels

Security is important to all of us, but is especially critical in the world of business, where people tampering with your products or even counterfeiting them could be a problem. This is where our security and tamper labels come into their own.

Designed to immediately show if they have been interfered with, Sharp Labels tamper evident labels cannot be removed in one piece, and instead disintegrate into smaller fragments if any attempt is made to remove them. Not only does this make their removal obvious, but it also means they cannot be reapplied elsewhere.

Another effective crime preventative measure, our security labels leave the word void behind on whatever surface they are stuck to in the event that an attempt is made to remove the label itself. Again, the label cannot be reused which helps preventing counterfeiting.

Produced to the highest quality using strong adhesives, our labels are an excellent reassurance as to the quality of your merchandise, securing your products or their warranties, and providing you with complete piece of mind.