Tickets and tags

As a general rule most ticket customers have their tickets and tags supplied in fanfolded packs, although we can supply these on rolls or even sheet format if required. These can be printed on both sides in multiple colours and 16.5 inch web width. If you’re looking for competitive prices for top quality tickets then look no further than Sharp Labels.

Non adhesive

There are many different materials that can be used for your tickets depending on the end use. Standard boards can be used if no other information is needed, direct thermal and thermal transfer boards are available in various callipers and grades to enable the end user to print variable information as required.

If durable tickets are required we stock a synthetic ticket material which can be over-printed by Thermal Transfer. Sharp Labels can add button hole die cuts so the individual tickets can be attached to a button on a shirt for instant identification at events. As these tickets are synthetic they are completely weatherproof for outdoor events.

Perforations can be added in various places to the ticket if requested. A popular feature is the “Stub Perf ’’ which is ideal if any part of the ticket needs to be retained for re-entry reasons etc. Our stock of tooling allows us to offer this service at various depths creating a truly bespoke ticket for your event.


Tickets with adhesive are also available. Sharp Labels can produce these both fanfolded and on rolls, suited for thermal transfer printers. We can supply these plain or printed in multiple colours.